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Edistyspuolue – Vapaus valita

The National Progressive Party – Briefly in English


The National Progressive Party (Kansallinen Edistyspuolue) is a liberal political party in Finland. The party was founded December 8, 1918 by the republican majority of the Young Finnish Party and the republican minority of the Finnish Party.

The party ceased its operations in 1951 but the organization was never officially terminated.


Today, The Progressive Party is an association aiming to become a political party in Finland once again. We believe there is a call for the return of the Progressive Party in that it would be quite distinct from the existing parties. We advocate the right of people to make their own, unobstructed choices in life, as long as they do not harm others. We believe it is wrong for politicians and public officials to interfere with the private matters of ordinary people.

In addition to the excessive growth of public power we take issue with the amount of taxation and regulation in Finland. We consider these to be the ultimate causes of many social problems, such as unemployment, inequality, poverty and despodency.

The Progressive Party hopes to develop Finland into a society that is free, equal, individual-centered and protective of nature, in which everyone has the best possible opportunity to pursue their happiness and well-being.

We don’t see people as tokens on a gameboard, to be moved about in the service of a greater plan or goal. Every human being is a valuable and unique individual, and it is not the place of the state, politicians or public officials to act as the keepers or moral guardians of capable adults.

The Progressive Party is not the advocate of any interest group or financial or social class at the expense of another. Our primary aim is the improvement of the liberty, well-being and prosperity of all.